Life’s a Beach!

Cape Town Paranormal was invited to conduct an investigation at a premises near to the beach in Melkbos.

The claims were that the family was being tormented by an entity of some sort, with the children being scratched, people being pushed off stairs, and a range of other terrible occurrences. We shuffled our calendar around and dispatched a team to investigate these claims the very next weekend.

Off the bat, the house seemed to be quite active, with our array of measuring equipment reacting almost immediately. We baselined the entire area, and ascertained that even with the mains switch off, our equipment persisted with fluctuations.

Many controlled experiments later, testing if it was one particular person that was causing the spikes, it was seemingly focused around 3x members of the team.

On popular request, we had tested out some new devices, and whilst we don't make claims against this untested equipment, suffice to say, there were some really interesting and relevant responses, relevant to the property and to the family!

There were even times where our founder, Marc, our most hardened skeptic, felt oppressed. Something very unlike him.

In conclusion, there is most certainly something going on at this place, our theories have to remain private for now, but it was certainly an eye-opening experience. 

End of April, 2017