Green Point Lighthouse

The Green Point Lighthouse in Cape Town is an operational lighthouse on the South African coast, first lit on the 12th April 1824. The lighthouse was commissioned by acting Governor of the Cape Colony, Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin, and designed by German architect, Herman Shutte.

On the 11th September 2014, Cape Town Paranormal carried out an investigation at the lighthouse. We had come across rumors that the lighthouse was haunted by a one-legged apparition called "Daddy West"

Further research on lighthouse keepers brought up a "W.S. West" that served from 1901 - 1916. We connected the dots, contacted the lighthouse and set an appointment for the investigation. The Manager of the lighthouse welcomed our investigation and we cannot show enough gratitude for the opportunity.

The Lighthouse Manager, being a skeptic, was uncertain as to whether we would capture any evidence, as they had not had any events happen to them. Along with us on this one, we had a Eyewitness News reporter, as an extra cameraman, and non-biased observer.
The Investigation:

Due to the size of the premises, we had opted to keep the team and the amount of equipment small, so as to avoid contamination of any potential evidence that we may catch. This was a job for the founder and co-founder only.

Upon conducting an initial sweep of the areas to be covered, our co-founder had mentioned that a room on the second floor had given him a strange feeling, so we had marked that as a definite spot to conduct an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session.

We had proceeded to the ground and third floors, where we found that the noise of the dioptics was quite prevalent on our recordings. We nonetheless continued with EVP sessions throughout.

The room with the feels:

With both investigators and the EWN reporter assembled in that room on the second floor, we began the EVP session, asking questions, trying to incite responses. The room was quiet apart from the continuous groan of the dioptics above.

I began mentioning to the EWN reporter that carrying out investigations is certainly not "action packed" like one sees on popular American ghost hunting shows, but more a case of sitting around, listening and documenting. In most cases, investigators can carry out many investigations and turn up empty-handed.

Evidence Review:

Much to our surprise during review of the evidence, we caught something on the Voice-Recorder as well as the handheld Night-shot camera that we could not explain. A voice. Could it be Daddy West? We had been pleading for him to come forward and make his presence known. See the clip across, and see for yourself!

To ensure the validity of this evidence, we had two cameras rolling along with the Digital Audio recorder. That includes our hand held Night Shot Camcorder and the Reporters Night-Shot camera. The Reporter can confirm that the room was quiet, and that we did not hear this disembodied voice at the time.


We would certainly love the opportunity to carry out a more in-depth investigation at the lighthouse again, with a bit more time. The amount of information that we had learned about it's history was truly fantastic, and we would like to thank all parties involved once again for bearing with us.

What a fantastic site, steeped in history, certainly an integral part of Cape Town's history.