Haunted Dolls…


Haunted Doll Investigation, Saturday 23rd August, 2014

We were contacted by Annerine* from Milnerton to investigate some antique dolls that she had inherited from her Grandmother.

Strange things have been happening since these dolls came into her home, and she was looking for some peace of mind. Claims of activity were that Rupert (the doll featured in the picture) undressed and moved from one section of a room to another on it's own.

We arrived and after setting up the equipment, noticed that this doll was giving off low EMF readings, but there was nothing else in it's vicinity that could have been spiking the reading over the baseline that we had established. This doll certainly has no speakers or any other kind of noise-emitting device inside of it.

We rigged up an IR CCTV camera and left it running for 6 hours to see if we could capture any anomalies. Unfortunately, Rupert did not give us a performance, and in this instance, we are hard pressed to draw any conclusions on such a short investigation.

We will be following up on this doll, it's brothers and sisters some time in the near future, and will conduct a follow-up investigation over a longer period of time.

*Name changed to protect privacy of the client.