Q: Do you charge for your investigations?

A: No. Our investigations are conducted free-of-charge.

Q: Will you investigate my home/place of residence?

A: We look at private residence investigations on it's merits on a per-case basis. You can enquire via email/Facebook. 

Q: Do you conduct blessings/cleansings/exorcisms?

A: No, we use a scientific approach to investigations with aim to debunk claims as much as possible. We do not delve into cleansings/blessings etc.

Q: Who can I approach for cleansings, blessings or exorcisms?

A: We would suggest looking for contacts with your community leaders/religious leaders. We do not endorse any 3rd party when it comes to cleansing/blessing etc.

Q: Can I apply to join the team?

A: Sure! If you have equipment, time, are willing to contribute to the work behind the scenes, or if you have a specific skill-set to do with technical/creation/media etc, we will certainly look into your application.

Q: Is Religion the basis of your investigations?

A: No, we don't base our investigation methodology off any specific Religion, as this opens us up to a more thorough form of investigating.

Q: Why do you investigate?

A: This concept is self-funded, and we do it for the love of history and to help people understand what may/may not be causing their issues.