The Pearl of Paarl

We were invited to a homestead in Paarl that is over 200 years old. The owner and tenants had brought up a long list of claims, sightings and unexplainable phenomena. We ended up doing a double-run on this property, each time with a different team, to see if any similar results came to fruition. 

The claims made on this property were: 

  • A nasty old man in the lounge
  • A small child who was timid and afraid
  • A woman seen in the hallways
  • A mist that develops in the Kitchen corner when there is nothing on 
  • Mumbling of voices in the bedroom
  • A possibly Malay person upstairs
  • Lights would go on and off by themselves (also verified by staff and caretakers on the grounds)
  • People would feel like they were pushed when walking down the main corridor

We set about rigging our equipment and commenced our investigations. We had agreed to keep this site private, even though there were some really interesting happenings those 2x nights. 

What struck a chord with the team was that the responses/names from the first run tied up with the responses and names captured on the 2nd run, a week apart. The same names, same potential family, convincing evidence of a connection to an Islamic name upstairs as mentioned in the claims... 

We were also able to test out the Echovox device that SO many folks have been begging us to try. Personally, I'm not a fan of such devices, but we will test out all avenues to gauge for ourselves whether a method is debunked, or whether it may hold some credence. 

We were not able to capture any manifestations or mists, but we did find that 2x independently run cameras, fizzled out at the exact same part of the video, when they were on opposite sides of the house. At the exact same moment in fact, with an uncharacteristic "grain" just beforehand. 

All in all, a wonderful site, wonderful hospitality, and more likely than not, some extra "occupants".

History is well and alive here...