Return to Tygerberg

Cape Town Paranormal Investigations was invited to return to this hospital, a different section this time, to look into the claims from numerous people, which included the following: 

  • Hearing a child laugh behind them when working at night
  • Hearing what seemed to be the sound of a tennis ball being thrown against a wall, in a section where there are no kids wards
  • Sounds such as footsteps when the night staff knew there was nobody else around
  • Cutlery disappearing and reappearing in random spots
  • Items mysteriously and repetitively falling
  • A general "creeped-out" feeling, like one is always being watched, and that you are not alone

We proceeded to investigate these claims, and whilst the majority of the night was calm, and not much had happened, we were able to debunk the sound of footsteps as being a fire extinguisher pressure gauge, which would tap due to pressure build up and loss. This, amplified by an empty hall did indeed sound like footsteps, it was rather uncanny!

When one works in a location that is deemed to be "creepy", especially alone at night, ones mind may play tricks, and the mental state becomes one of heightened awareness. This can lead to paranoia, hearing things, as you are actively alert for them. As for the cutlery, more than likely absent-minded people, or lazy folks just not willing to return the utensils to their rightful place. 

When we brought out a ball and a doll to test the theory of a child being present, we did manage to get some spikes on the EMF meter, seemingly in response to our questions, however, it was nothing groundbreaking enough to make one second-guess the possibility that you may be in the presence of some kind of intelligent entity. 

It just goes to show, there are usually logical and explainable reasons as to why you think you hear what you did, and it may be something completely logical, if you look around for answers hard enough. 

A huge thanks to the staff and management for making the premises available for us, and we look forward to updates in the near future!