Well, Wynberg!

Cape Town Paranormal had received an urgent request to investigate a business property in Wynberg, deemed to be extremely haunted. 

We had already had a case on the proposed evening at the Lord Nelson, so we had to dispatch Team 2 through to cater to both. 

The claims were that there were many "cold spots", some of the staff had seen the figure of a man in the building in period clothing, and moods would seemingly change drastically at certain parts of the establishment. There were accounts of unknown noises/moans, and several people had witnessed the keys lodged in the front door violently shaking, when there was nobody present! 

The building used to house an old religious institution, and many of the current staff complain of feeling ill when they are at work, but as soon as they step off the property, they feel fine again. A heavy, oppressive presence was allegedly felt. 

Team 1's findings were limited in the sense that whilst the house/building was extremely old, (even featured a well!) there was much that could have accounted for many of the experiences. The location is next to a popular road, where there is a ton of ambient noise, shouting from the street etc. This made it really hard to capture any meaningful evidence. 

A strange occurrence however was at a rumoured to be "hotspot" in the building, two of our handheld cameras (which are not linked to each other in any way) "fizzled out at exactly the same time. They had both displayed snow on the screens, and both switched off at the same time. For a GoPro, this is an unusual event, as they are not RF based or analogue, and for snow to appear, was really mind boggling. Shortly after discussions regarding these simultaneous cut-outs, there was a loud bang behind the investigators! Whilst creepy, this could just simply have been something toppling over, but it sure startled at the time! 

A clock mounted on a wall was not functioning, and suddenly started ticking again during an EVP session at a later stage in the evening.

Other than that, all seemingly quiet, seems like whatever was there was wary of our presence, or didn't want to play. 

Thanks to the owners for the hospitality!