School’s Out!

Simon’s Town School
23 July 2016

On the 23rd of July 2016, on a chilly Saturday evening, the CTPI Team made their way to Simon’s Town, Cape Town.

At around 17:30, the team arrived at the Simon’s Town School, the alma-mater of CTPI’s own Tracy Morland, and guest investigator Lorraine Candy.

The School itself is steeped in history, having been established in the late 1800’s. But in 1953, it was moved to its present location, overlooking Seaforth burial grounds. Reports of paranormal activity at the school included claims of a ghost in the boys’ toilet in the primary school section, a story of a ghost chasing children down one of the corridors, and even possible activity in the Staff lounge.

After a general walk through and set up of equipment, the team paired off in twos, to tackle various areas and hot-spots. Things soon started heating up, with all of the team members having personal experiences.

Throughout the night, activity seemed to vary; everything from sudden drops in temperature, being touched, bumped or tugged, phantom smells, and a possible sighting of an apparition.

It seemed as if the whole night was a game, like that of “cat and mouse”, with some of the team members being lured down the maze of halls, whilst giving chase to unexplained noises and sounds.

Truly, someone was there to play.