Morbid Fascination

CTPI was granted access to carry out an investigation at a hospital in Tygerberg on Friday 3rd October 2014 

We had received reports of full-bodied apparitions, feelings of being watched and objects falling by themselves.

We arrived with a small crew as deemed necessary, and were given a tour of the facility. We opted to select the hotspots and positioned 3x static IR Cameras in strategic positions, and proceeded to cover the rest of the ground with NightVision camcorders. Due to interference from an MRI Machine, this played havoc with our camera feeds, but still were able to capture good enough video to spot any anomalies.

We proceeded to do some EMF (Electromagnetic Field) sweeps of the area, and MRI machine aside, found the area to be quite flat, which was surprising given the amount of equipment in the building.

We then proceeded to carry out EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) work in areas such as the morgue, waiting rooms, patient care rooms etc. We had laid out some toys in the waiting rooms, as the facility caters for children too, hoping to catch some activity with the assistance of the toys.
Upon review of the evidence, we had 3 anomalies that could not be explained:

EVP at Morgue

We were asking the standard questions to which we received the following responses:

Investigator 1: Don’t be shy, we’re here to help

Investigator 2: What is your name?

EVP Response: “Honey”

Investigator 2: “How did you die?”

*JUST before the investigator clicks the trigger for the IR Thermometer, the following is heard:

EVP Response: “Happy”

Neither of the investigators seem to react to this disembodied voice captured on video.

EVP Session at Morgue (Isolation Session)

One of our team members was carrying out an isolation session outside of the morgue facility, and was asking a few questions, to which he received whistling responses. At the time, the whistles were not audible, until the very end, where he calls out to another investigator to “stop squeaking that door” but there was no-one else around him at the time. The whistling seems to change in tune and get more frustrated towards the end, however, we cannot discount the fact that it may have been a type of bird that was creating the responses.

EMF Spike in Tea Room:

Two of our investigators were sitting in the tea room, just making random chatter with the odd question, where an abrupt EMF spike lit up our meter and caused it to beep. Initial thought was that it was perhaps one of the 2-way radio’s that had caused it, (even though we had calibrated our detectors for our equipment) but could not get a single spike from that room thereafter. It happened in response to one of our questions. We tested transmitting on the radio’s, as that can cause distortion, but to no avail. There were no plug-points around the investigator at the time, and could not find another spike in the room at all.

Whilst this place really made for an excellent investigation, we were unable to find definitive proof that could compel us to say that it’s haunted, without a doubt in our minds, but that does not discount the reports from others either. We would love the opportunity to revisit this site, with a bit more time and equipment, and see if we can indeed verify claims.

A huge thanks to all involved at the facility for their patience, and allowing us access to carry out our investigation, we appreciate it!