Heritage Horror Story

Cape Town Paranormal was contacted to assess claims of ghostly sightings on a site that featured multiple abandoned buildings on the outskirts of Wellington.

Since we love the open road, we grabbed this opportunity and set a date to run a preliminary investigation. We opted to run this particular one "blind", in other words, we did not research anything about the site beforehand, so as to be able to conduct this investigation unbiased in opinion. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted with an incredibly sad scene, buildings, dating back to the 1820's lay in shambles, completely stripped of the features they once proudly displayed. 

This set of buildings is protected by Heritage, and at one stage in its lifetime displayed the Monument certification badge. To see the damage and neglect evidenced here was utterly heartbreaking. The potential that these buildings once had, even converted to some kind of booming guesthouse/restaurant would have been a better plan, but alas, now rotting carcasses of the glory that they once exhibited. 

Our investigation started off slow, we had quite a bit of ambient contamination in the form of many animals in the fields surrounding the properties, this coupled with a few of the local farm workers having a bit of a party! 

As the night progressed, we battled attacks by bats and mosquitos, however, the responses received seemingly became more and more interesting. 

A name kept coming to the fore, upon further research in the weeks after the investigation, may have been the main person associated with the site in its heyday. 

We ended up compiling a lengthy clip to showcase the time spent with this case, and to ensure that all of the procedures/tests that we carried out were documented for you, the viewer. 

That being said, whether we were in fact making contact, or not, the story of these people, and this homestead, still needs to be told.