The Lady of the Hotel

On the 12th of March 2016, we carried out an investigation at the Glen Lodge, Glencairn.

This building is absolutely steeped in history. Having been built in 1904, this Hotel is one of the oldest establishments near to Simon's Town.

It currently features a restaurant deck which looks out to False Bay, which is perfect for spotting some Southern Right Whales!

The claims in terms of Paranormal Activity are the following:

Some guests and workers at the Hotel claim to have seen a woman and a little boy on the stairwell. It is assumed that these are the spirits of Renee Scott (a vision in a white gown) and her son (approx. 5-7 years of age), having been allegedly killed by the husband by being pushed down the stairs. Their presence is occasionally felt when moving furniture around, and the boy seems to like playing with the balls on the pool table.

He is seen in black knickerbockers and a white frilly-type shirt. He responds to being told to "shut up" when he gets a bit rowdy.

The sightings are not subject to night-time only, and they are seen at all times of the day. Footsteps are also reported at night, along with doors opening and closing.

There was an incident that took place in one of the bathrooms where all the clay basins were pulled out, the brass taps inverted and the pipes ripped out of the walls. This was thought to have been the work of vandals, but the manager at the time believed that this could not have been done by any person.

A Sangoma was apparently brought in to cleanse the property, but even that failed to cleanse these two ghosts.

Session One - CTPI Group - Main Room atop the Stairs

Using Video, Camera, K2's, Audio Recorders & SB7 - We conducted investigation of this room. This is where we encountered "David".

CPTI were in search of the First owners of the Lodge, Renee & Robert Scott. Could David possibly be the son Robert murdered ?

Session Two - Room 7 - Marc & Jade

This Room rendered a fair amount of activity, assumed to be those of children.

EVP came through with mention of 5 spirits.

Also, footage of our Test Ball moving across the floor!

Session Three - Room 1 - Tracy & Gee ( Room Renee Scott committed Suicide )

EVP's conducted in this room rendered no results - K2 was as dead as the ghosts themselves. No audio.

Session Four - Laundry Room - Off Main downstairs Corridor - Tracy & Gee

The Corridor being a Known HOT SPOT, Gee & i decided to run an EVP session in the Laundry Room alongside . Once again only received ONE SPIKE on the K2 - With the EVP rendering no results. No audio either.

Session Five - Room 1 - Marc & Jade

A complete 180 turn - Lots of activity recorded - with David Once again coming through the SB7.

Solo Session - Room 7 - Tracy

Once again, some positive results established that the spirits presence in the room were those of children.