Religious Indifference

We unfortunately cannot say much about this site, as it was to remain private, but you can certainly some snippets of some interesting bits! 

We were contacted by two sets of film students on different occasions to assist with their projects, we had set up this site as a "training"grounds of sorts, as, from our previous experience, there was always something interesting happening on the nights we previously completed. 

The site dates back ages, has rich history, and many a story to add to local lore. There were references to battles, and amazing tributes and sculptures of significant figures throughout Cape Town's history. 

During the course of filming, there were some instances where even the skeptics of the team began to feel "oppressed" and the responses received on the various devices left one wondering if these were indeed intelligent responses, and if there are indeed mischievous entities there, having a bit of a laugh at us. 

There is allegedly a spirit of a small boy in the locale, and we managed to capture a slight, childlike giggle, along with chairs falling on their own, noises as if things were being thrown (on request to make a noise) and an array of other, seemingly strange occurrences. 

At one point, Jade, a lead investigator, had asked, "Are you evil?" to which the SB7 immediately replied, "Devil!". Needless to say, he was out of there in a shot! 

All in all, we were happy to help the students with their projects, and hold this place very dear.