Chandelier Shenanigans

We were called to a residence in Helderberg, the owner of the place citing strange activities happening, and his children being particularly frightened and reactive to what was there. 

We assembled a team and headed out.

At the site, the son of the owner joined in on efforts to try and incite a response, as it seemingly was centred or even focused around him, for some reason. 

We were able to ascertain that two people close to him had recently passed away, and thought that perhaps that could the reason as to the increased activity, but were not entirely certain or able to make that call just yet. 

There was thankfully little activity to speak of in the evening, although, one curious oddity that stood out to us was the fact that the Chandelier drop twisted on command, as can be seen in the video alongside. 

We had tested moving the Chandelier drops by blowing on them, waving our hands past them etc. These were heavy, and were not budging. That being said, if it had moved in a "swinging" fashion, I'd have put it down to having been some kind of crosswind/draught, but the fact that it twisted on command, left chills for that moment!