Walking the Ghost Town

7 February, 2016

We decided to do a research trip and take a walk through our favorite historic little haven, Simon's Town,.

We meandered through the streets learning about Adamastor, current haunted hotspots and incredible historic tales.

We took in the fascinating history about the French Revolution, Baby Killers, Mass Murderers, King George, Haunted Hospitals, Butchering Barbers, Concentration Camp Deaths and much, much more!

We were lucky enough to have a last minute accommodation for a quick EVP session at The Rectory, amazing building. Something is there my fellow ghosties, something is there.

Following this, we made our way through the darkened alleyways listening to gripping tales of the past, before making our way to the hallowed Seaforth Burial Grounds. A sobering and sad reality of segregation, famous people, the graves of some of the famous ghosts, right in front of you. All very surreal!